Kayak Lessons


Family Kayak Courses

Ages 8 & up.  2 hours of FUN while learning about kayaking safety. The first kayak clinic your family should take . This first clinic is all about confidence for kids & adults alike. We teach about the equipment used, kayaks, balance, self Rescue & assisted rescues. Yet, we've found this first clinic will have your child asking you to go paddle & to be outside on the water instead of us adults dragging them out of the house. We usually schedule two or three, of these clinics per year,  between January & March. Yet these are offered in private lessons anytime of the year. This clinic is taught in a indoor pool in the winter & can be scheduled in a calm area at a lake in the summer.

Call 479-957-8118 for any questions.

Kayak Courses

 This course is all about boat control & feeling more comfortable on the river. By teaching you all the strokes including sculling, moving abeam, braces, forward, reverse, sweeps & much more. Then how we use these strokes while learning how to catch eddys (wide angle & shallow) ,peel out, ferries C-turns & S-turns. Also the basics like unloading, loading & safely tying down our kayaks & much more.
This course will be held at the Siloam Springs Kayak Park. Bring plenty of drinking water, lunch, snacks, sunscreen, folding chair, kayak with float bags unless your kayak has water tight storage hatch, paddle & be ready to have a fun day on the water. 

Kayak roll

Two hour private roll clinic.   
We have kayaks & gear available if needed. Adults or kids are welcome in this clinic.
 Learn to roll your Kayak taught by professional ACA instructors in a warm in-door pool. We teach a three step method on how to roll your kayak..  Please call or email for more details or pricing. 

  More you stretch the week before you come to this class, the faster you'll learn to roll a kayak.