Stand-Up Paddle boarding


SUP Less

 As gliding across the water the first thing you’ll notice is the spectacular view. Not only can you see the layout of the land around you, yet it also allows you to see the aquatic paradise below you. Enjoy our Ozark streams & rivers as you never have before while exercising, floating rivers or touring coves on Beaver Lake.

  Family Friendly! Stand-up paddle boarding offers a lot of  freedom & relaxation as enjoying Mother Nature. Freedom of many different positions on the board (Standing up, sitting down, kneeling or laying down), & freedom of moving around on the board. This will allow your family cruise out to your favorite place on the water, relax, read a book, sun bathe, let the kids swim or go on your perfect expedition. 

 Enjoy your workouts again as exploring your local lake. Touring on a paddle boarding can burn more calories in an hour than most sports because it incorporates all the key elements of a full-body workout: strength, balance, core and endurance. Whether you are SUP surfing, racing or recreational paddling, you're guaranteed to have Fun time as you are promised to receive  a solid workout. 

 Stand up paddle boarding is not a difficult sport to take up  yet there is a learning curve. Compared to most sports, it's easy to take off on the water for your personal adventure on a paddle board. Although, like in all sports it will advance technique to learn proper paddling to maximize efficiency & your full-body work-out. 

 We offer beginner to advanced whitewater SUP clinics. Please see our course schedule for a full list of skill courses we offer.  

 If you are interested in becoming a certified ACA SUP Instructor,  Please contact Rob Moody at .  Our SUP certification course will take time to prepare & a required 6 or more candidates before one can be held in 2020.